Here at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital, our staff is filled with highly trained and experienced animal lovers who care deeply about their jobs. Everyone makes it a goal to learn everything they can about the field they love in order to give our patients the highest level of care.

Our team is also kind. The members treat each patient, whether healthy or sick, with plenty of love and attention. They educate owners on the importance of preventative care to keep their pets healthy, while doing everything they can to help when their pets are not feeling well.

If you would like to speak to one of our staff, feel free to contact us today at (816) 795-7387.

Dr. Mel Falk, DVM

Dr. Mel Falk, the practice owner, founded Hidden Valley Animal Hospital in 1993 as the culmination of a life-long dream. Ever since Dr. Falk was a boy growing up on a farm near a small Kansas town of Alta Vista, he had dreamed of being a veterinarian and opening his own facility. After graduating from Kansas State University in 1974 with a degree in veterinary medicine, he soon found his way to the Independence area, where he worked as a small animal practitioner for a number of years before making his dream a reality. During this time, he thoroughly researched the latest in hospital designs and learned many lessons that would help Hidden Valley Hospital become the outstanding facility it is today, in design, clinical practice, and loving family atmosphere.

In addition to being a dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Falk is an active member of Timothy Lutheran Church, and has served as vice Chairperson of the congregation. Dr. Falk is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Avian Veterinarians, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association.
Dr. Falk has been married to Koko for more than 30 years, and they have four sons, two grandsons and six granddaughters.

Betty, Animal Care Specialist

Betty is an established figure at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital. She has been with the hospital since 1998 and is now semi-retired
The boarding pets all love Betty and can’t wait to greet her. Betty and Bill are devoted to their family.

Betty has a very generous heart and is a care taker for all her elderly aunts, uncles and anyone else that needs her help.

Her passion, besides all the many animals she has rescued, too numerous to name, is collecting antiques.

Juli, Veterinarian Technician

Juli joined the HVAH staff in 2007, working part time. Juli attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage receiving her degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.
Juli and her husband Steve, have two great kids, a son, Michael, 16 years old and a beautiful daughter, Mikayla, 14 years old. The family has 2 dogs, Mela and Sugar, 3 cats, Zac, Smokey and Andrew, 1 guinea pig and a horse named Rolf. Yes, she loves animals! Juli assists with surgeries and performs dentals. You might also see her in the exam room wearing the pet health educator hat.

Heather, Kennel Staff

Heather came to Hidden Valley in September. She takes awesome care of all the boarders that come to stay with us. She is a busy young woman, married with 3 children, and Penny the Rottweiler.

Heather is very active in her church and does a lot of volunteer work.


Shadow is very relaxed as he waits for the doctor to come in and exam him. He enjoys coming to visit all of us at the clinic.