On those occasions when you must find responsible care for your pet while you are unavailable, we are here for you. In addition to the obvious benefit of having our professional veterinary team caring for your loved one, we offer a variety of services from which you may choose.

Our most popular is our “Tender Loving Care” package, which includes daily brushings, three walks a day or feline play periods, special dietary needs and extra-tender loving care. Guests are served daily breakfast (we provide only the very best pet food, Science Diet and IVET, but if you prefer, we can serve the food you supply).All K-9 guests receive a complimentary bath after one week’s stay. Because we care very deeply about the safety of every guest, we require that all pets be current on their vaccinations and have a current fecal examination, before staying with us.

If desired, we can administer any vaccinations needed to bring your pet up-to-date. Above all, we will use every bit of our training to make your pet’s stay here a pleasant experience. No doubt, this is why some owners report that their pets actually run into our hospital excitedly wagging their tails when they stay with us! Cats and dogs are housed separately. Fees are determined by the size of the pet, the total nights spent, and the size of the cage. Large runs are available to animals for additional comfort. Holiday reservations are at a premium so call well in advance.