The most important aspect of preventative care is often overlooked, the routine wellness exam. For some pets this comes in the form of the annual examination, and for others this scheduled visit maybe more frequent or include diagnostic test depending on the nature of the pet’s health and specific diagnosed conditions. We recommend routine examinations for your pets because they are the best way to find and address problems before they become serious. This starts with a face to face conversation with you, the owner. We would love to hear our patient’s history straight from the horse’s mouth (or in our case, the dog or cat ‘s mouth, please excuse the pun) but they rely on you to be their story teller. This allows our doctors to discover potential diseases sooner, or dig deeper in areas that may have otherwise went overlooked.

Everyone has heard the old adage “you are what you eat”, and your pets are no different. Feeding your pet the proper diet with the proper portion is paramount in their overall health. There is a glut of false information on the internet regarding proper pet nutrition, which can make this important task seem impossible. Luckily, the staff at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital can help you find the right food for your pet.

Vaccinations are a key component of preventative medical care. They prime the immune system before your pet is potentially exposed to a particular pathogen, and help prevent serious and often life-threatening illness. No two pets are identical, similarly, pets may have different needs for their vaccination protocols depending on many different factors. Our doctors and staff are here to help you determine what is best for your pet.

There are many external parasites that you can see on yourself and on your pets. Fleas can hop on your pet and start sucking blood within seconds, and start laying eggs within a day. They can cause itching, allergic dermatitis, and if severe enough can lead to a diminished red blood cell count. The early stages of ticks can be so small that you can barely see them with the naked eye, and carry many deadly diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, cytauxzoonosis, and many others.

There are many internal parasites as well, parasites that you will never see. Heartworms can cause severe cardiopulmonary disease leading to heart failure. Intestinal parasites can not only infect our pets causing diarrhea, anemia, and other disease, but many can also affect humans as well.

The good news is there are medications that can prevent all of these disease and associated complications when used correctly. And our doctors and staff at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital can help you find what is best to keep your pet healthy and happy.