The doctors and technicians at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital make up a highly trained surgery team, and we pride ourselves on delivering the most effective and proven surgery techniques. We will do everything possible to make your pet’s surgical experience a positive one, and the recovery process as short and pain free as possible.

We are proud to offer our clients the option of Laser Surgery for our routine elective procedures. The laser’s concentrated beam cauterizes blood vessels and nerves as it cuts. This results in less bleeding and a quicker, less painful procedure.

Our surgery team is also trained in many other soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, as well as being trained in anesthetic monitoring. We will be at your pet’s side from start to recovery. Each pet will receive a protocol that is tailored to their specific needs to ensure the safest and most comfortable surgery experience possible.

We know that surgery is stressful for owners too. We will keep you informed on your pet’s progress throughout the day.